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"It's going on 2 years and with those minutes we worked on my digestive problem, it still has not returned. Also, the sinus headaches that used to hit me a few times a week have not returned. I don't recall even having ONE sinus headache since our session on that." Marie K.

"I was so skeptical and I still can't believe it because I can't understand how this is working, but the chronic pain I carry around in my feet, hips and shoulder blades is hardly there. I was able to actually wear dress shoes in the first time in a very long time." Phylis

"I've worked with other EFT-ers and I found your work to be even more helpful. You have a great way of getting to my core issues and you are very caring. You definitely are great at working with people." Robert

"Brian, I wanted to thank you again and to assure you of my continued patronage.
I have to say that your questions and presence and demeanor and manner were all professional and personal and forthright.
Thank you. I don't think I ever felt before quite so comfortable in front of a stranger after such an intensely personal revelation." Miles

"After our last session, I was able to get on that train and travel all the way down to San Diego without much of a problem. It's great. It's been 9 years since I've been able to do that." Ernesto

"It's great. I keep expecting to break into my usual anxiety issues and nothing much happens anymore.
Also, my relationship issues are improving and after over 20 years of carrying all that pain with feeling abondoned by my father, you helped me release the pain I've been carrying around all these years. It's amazing." U.B.

" I would like to again Thank You So Much for your assistance the other day, as I truly believe working with you changed (for the better, of course) my aura, spirit, karma or whatever it is that rules my universe. I must admit, I was exhausted afterward, but somewhat refreshed, calmed and relaxed. When I woke up the next morning, for the first time in a long time...longer than I can truly remember, I woke naturally with the sun and not remembering a single thing. Usually, I toss and turn, I'm up and down all night, have nightmares, bad dreams and generally just stress so hard in my sleep that my shoulders ache so bad I automatically pop Motrin first thing in the morning. " T.F.

With a client that had a pain, for months, that the doctors could not figure out, after working with him on it for about 12 minutes, here is a follow up I had with him after about 10 days later:

" (Brian)....The pain on my left side is gone!!! " Adrian (a pain he had for months that the doctorot figure out.)

"Not only am I off my sinus medication and able to breathe better through my nose, but my self confidence is far better and I was able to make the biggest deal in my companies history. The work we did helped me feel like I got my "mojo" back. Pete

" I felt great after the session. The next day I just felt so deeply at peace. I immediately told a coworker about you the next day and she should be calling you soon." Larry

"Brian has been working with me for a short time and after each session, I'm surprised at what has been accomplished. The only difficult thing about all this has been to accept that issues that have been highly emotionally charged for many years have changed for the better within minutes. It's been hard to believe that something that angered or hurt me greatly for many years could lose the emotions associated with a memory in just minutes. After the first couple of sessions, even though I was able to lose negative emotions over an event while I was working with Brian, I wondered if those improved feelings would continue. I thought I might wake up the next day feeli I had for the past however-many years, but that hasn't happened. The work that's been done has been permanent.

All of our work has been done by phone, so it's by Brian helping me to learn and guiding my thoughts in the right direction that this improvement has come about. This isn't a temporary solution that you lose the effect of after you hang up, or leave his office - you've made the changes yourself, so you're using your own abilities, but only through Brian's leading you in what to do, and using his amazing intuitiveness to help you to focus on what will make an improvement in you." Susan M.


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