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Experience cutting-edge healing technology to get immediate improvement in Body/Mind/Spirit.

Have you been stuck in emotional pain, experiencing blocks that you just can't seem to release and move past, and/or do you have chronic health issues that are diminishing the quality of your life?

If so, I can help.

I work with an extremely effective, cutting-edge healing therapy called EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique - that gets immediate, concrete, measurable results, often within moments.

With EFT and the tools I use, I often get results that far exceed conventional methods of self improvement. Both emotional AND physical maladies can be addressed within a session. This work and the results I frequently get fly in the face of conventional wisdom. How? Simply because this meridian tapping system (EFT) is an extremely effective system for addressing issues, which has been much undervalued over the years, yet works unbelievably well. (I know this sounds almost "too good to be true" - that is why you are welcome to look over the research section of my website and the videos I have included of EFT).

What is EFT and the work I do?

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a holistic healing system that is based on the science used in acupuncture; however, with this system, in minutes, without any kind of needles or any complicated procedures, while you are seated and fully clothed, tapping on certain spots on your body (meridian points) can often get INSTANT results in giving you emotional improvement. It even works in the area of helping to reduce or eliminate challenging physical ailments. In just minutes, you can experience concrete improvement.

During these sessions you will experience a kind of highly accelerated emotional relief/Life Coaching/physical healing work-session all in one. With EFT, I can help you clear out intense emotional and physical blocks that you may have even been carrying for years. Often in minutes, even deep-seated emotions can be dissolved away. I can address:

-End Smoking
-Self Esteem issues
-Physical ailments of all kinds
-Dissolve Emotional pain
-Weight Loss
-Career blocks
-Improving Performance

-and much, much more

The Next level of Transformation

In addition to releasing negative issues, with the EFT and using some of the best personal growth tools available, I have developed an effective and empowering system of Positive Life Coaching that will help you quickly become empowered and able to create the life of your dreams.

I can help you:

• Deliberately create your life
• Feel Whole
• Map out goals
• Align more with your talents
• Attract abundance with Law of Attraction
• Enjoy more ongoing peace and Well-Being
• Experience a deeper spiritual connection
• Learn practical spiritual principles and tools
• Enhance job satisfaction
• Attract a partner

This special kind of Life Coaching will bring you change you can feel all through your being. These are not just intellectual conversations; you will experience positive shifts within your actual neurology. My Life Coaching system is very unique in that I get your whole heart and soul involved in the sessions.

My name is Brian Guzman, and I am a Certified EFT practitioner/Life Coach. My goal is to give you some of the highest quality coaching sessions available that embrace a lot of the most leading-edge work out there in the science of transformation, quantum physics, spirituality and wellness. I will work to help you achieve very definite improvement in a rapid manner and to provide you with tools and philosophies that give YOU the power to take immediate control of your mental, emotional and physical destiny. It brings me great joy to help people and if I could be of service, it would be an honor to be of assistance.

Call now for a FREE 30 minute session to get a taste of what EFT can do for you. Info is on the "sessions" page.