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Coming from a performance artist background, I know the constant challenges an artist faces in order to succeed.

The constant rejection, audition anxiety, gaps between work, body image issues, pessimism and self esteem issues are just some of the concerns that people in the arts deal with in order to stay true to trying to succeed in following their heart and finding success in their very competitive field.

With EFT Life Coaching sessions, you can be relieved of these dis-empowering states, take control of your career and find harmony and joy in your life.

I can help:

-Bring out your highest potential
-Reduce audition stress
-End stage fright
-Develop unwavering confidence in your self and in your craft
-Book more work
-Improve motivation
-Experience immediate release of unwanted emotions
-Remain more optimistic while in between work
-Experience relief of chronic aches and pains (especially helpful for dancers)
-Create a strong sense of direction with your career
-Improve self esteem
-Shed unwanted pounds with cutting edge weight loss guidance

I can help reignite the passion for your work and make your career dreams come true.


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