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Through EFT, as well as using the knowledge I gained from my 10-plus years in the fitness industry as a former personal trainer, I can help you experience a cutting-edge system to help shed those unwanted pounds.

Diet and exercise – both words often bring to mind negative pictures. This is not another system that makes you force yourself into healthy eating and exercise through sheer willpower. Willpower seldom works long term! What can work is clearing away all the inner blocks that keep you from succeeding in your weight loss endeavors. The difference is that you can enjoy the changes and the process is natural, not a chore that you dread each day.

If you have intense inner blocks that get in the way of succeeding in your weight loss endeavors, you will most likely continue to fail! I will help you very quickly address the blocks that are sabotaging your success in reaching your ideal weight. By addressing these mental blocks and clearing them out, you can align with your desires and flow naturally to achieve the body you desire – slimmer, stronger, leaner, more toned – whatever your vision is of the body you want.

With this system I can help you:

-Dissolve away junk food cravings
-Quickly release the blocks that are sabotaging weight loss success
-Re-pattern your mind to succeed and create new, more empowered habits that support you
-Make peace with your body in the present while you continue to move forward in the process

Also, because this is a healing system, if aches and pains are keeping you from a healthy lifestyle, that can also be addressed within the sessions. I'll help you change your mental patterns, so that good health and a better body will come more naturally to you.

This is a very unique coaching system that utilizes the best of Mind/Body tools to make changes flow with more ease to help you make permanent adjustments in more of an inspired manner.