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EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a system of Mind/Body healing work created by Gary Craig.

EFT is derived from the work of Dr Roger Callahan, a very progressive therapist in California who, over 30 years ago, stumbled upon the discovery that by working with the meridian system used in Chinese Medicine, a person could get very quick relief from distressing emotions.

Gary Craig graduated with a degree in engineering from Stanford University. He had an extremely intense interest in personal development techniques. Eventually, he found out about the work of Dr. Roger Callahan's system, TFT (Thought Field Therapy).

TFT was a very intricate system of healing emotional and physical issues by tapping on the energy meridians in specific sequences. Gary Craig took an interest in wanting to learn TFT from Dr.Callahan and signed on to be trained in TFT. After some time of working with Dr. Callahan, Gary Craig scrutinized TFT closely and, through experimentation, discovered that it could be greatly simplified and still produce outstanding results. Gary Craig's simplified version of this meridian tapping became EFT.

The Chinese have been working with the science of managing the energy flow of meridians for over 5000 years with great success. The science of guiding the body's energy system is a tried and true method---to say the least.

EFT is essentially an emotional/psychological form of acupuncture that stimulates these meridians by simply tapping on them instead of using needles. By tapping on specific points on the body, people are relieved of all kinds of anxieties, traumatic memories, fears, phobias, self-rejection issues, and countless physical maladies often fade away also.

When EFT is skillfully applied, issues that often take months or years can take hours or minutes to be resolved in many cases.

For those that are skeptical, not only is there EFT to look to for evidence of amazing results. With this wave of evidence showing that working with the body's energy system gets great results, the term Energy Psychology has been created. A person could see that the systems TFT, TAT, NAEM, EDxTM, THM and MTT are also systems that are cousins to EFT, and are getting positive results as well. There is no shortage of evidence out there proving the validity of Energy therapy methods.

Dr Bruce Lipton, author of "Biology of Belief", one of the foremost scholars in the field of Mind/Body healing has said that "EFT is a simple, profoundly powerful process that can influence gene activity, health and behavior". This is not a "New Age-y" speaker, but a brilliant scholar/scientist with outstanding credentials and research studies on the validity of Body/Mind healing

There are many other quotes from very respected scientists, healers, teachers, doctors, therapists and authors from all over the world that could have been included on here. I saved more of those for the "EFT research" section, but at least you got a taste of the kind of respect EFT gets.

EFT is a wonderful gift to the world that has the ability the transform lives in a very quick and profound way. I hope you can take advantage of this amazing tool.