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Since I understand that a lot of how the EFT coaching works goes against what a lot of people believe and what they are accustomed to, I have decided to create a thorough Q & A section addressing a lot of what many may be confused by.

Q: You keep saying that the shifts during the session are concrete and measurable. What does that mean exactly?

A: It means that as the minutes move along, a client usually experiences negative emotions diminishing away in a very deep and measurable way. It is beyond just talking it out or pumping you up, it is an actual diminishing and clearing away of core blocks that are the source of your emotional suffering.
That is one of the beauties of EFT, the very immediate softening of even extremely intense issues.

Q: So, are you saying its like a kind of overall relaxing experience, perhaps the way a massage might make one feel?

A: No. While, of course, we all love a great massage and the soothing qualities it gives us, this is not a system of just giving you are generalized state of relaxation that only provides temporary relief for a few hours or even a day or so. These sessions are designed to help you permanently release painful issues and blocks---even traumatic ones. The tapping helps collapse away emotional distress down to the deepest mental levels.

Q: Is EFT like hypnosis?

A: I am not putting you under an induction. Actually, you will be alert and dialoging with me on what needs to be addressed. The tapping on issues, while tuned into the disturbing issues, helps dissolve away the negative charge by balancing out your energy system.

Q: I've heard that intense phobias, fears and traumatic memories can be cured in just minutes, is that true?

A: There have been many cases where phobias and intense traumatic issues have been permanently alleviated within a matter of minutes (many of these cases are documented on videos and by dozens of EFT practitioners). However, in some cases, a particular person may have a more complex issue that may require removing some layers of blocks, and this would require more than a few minutes to alleviate the issue. While I don't want to create the impression that every single person that has an intense issue can have it totally eliminated in a few minutes, there are countless cases where this has proven to be true. What is normal is that within minutes, wonderful strides of progress are being made. Far more than with conventional methods. As the minutes move by, you can have layers and layers of even ful things dropping away.

Q: I don't understand how this silly tapping on parts of my body can help me with things like resentment or grief. This sounds like utter nonsense. Is this real or is it just some kind of stupid, superficial gimmick?

A: I understand that it may sound very weird to many. Yes, it most certainly can help in issues like resentment and grief, because when a person is tuned into an issue and has a competent EFT practitioner facilitating the tapping, issues get cleared away and healed.

A lot of the issue here is that the idea of tapping and working with the bodies energy system (meridians) challenges the established beliefs of current "experts" and of the masses. What might help you digest this is to try and to think outside the box a bit. Just because the masses don't acknowledge something, this does not mean it is not valid. History has shown us that over and over.

The great thing is that the results will clearly speak for themselves. You don't even need much time to experience it. Often, a few minutes are all you need to actually see that things are shifting around in you.
Also, there are many documented cases of success stories. I suggest going to the main EFT website, There is a research section there and countless articles written by EFT practitioners successfully applying EFT on just about anything you can think of. Even the biggest skeptic could not deny that the plethora of videos, research papers and articles that are in existence clearly show incontrovertible proof that EFT works marvelously.

Q: I am confused, EFT is supposed to be a holistic healing system. I've tried other holistic things out there that also speak of energy healing and those other things are very, very subtle. You keep stating it's concrete and that changes are felt on the spot. That's another reason why I am uncomfortable with this and feel you might be a con artist. That makes no sense to me, how could it be immediate???? Frankly, this sounds like a bunch of lies.

A: Tapping on the body's meridian system is an extremely effective technology. It has been very undervalued over the centuries and has gone virtually unknown as something that can help people with emotional issues.
The other reason it works quite concretely is that a good EFT practitioner will help you uncover the very specific blocks within you. A big part of what I do is help you bring your inner blocks to the light to be cleared away. That's also very different from other holistic systems out there. This is not a generalized healing session. I will help you very specifically address your blocks and beliefs. That is also why these sessions are so highly effective.

Q: Frankly, this still sounds like it might be hokey. I am still not convinced. The idea of tapping on my body to deal with emotional issues absolutely stupid. I am certain this is a scam. This sounds like New Age-y trash!

A: I understand that it my all sound bizarre. I can assure you the tapping does work. Just because it is very different than established, conventional methods does not mean these "out of the box" methods don't work. EFT has been used on even severely disturbed individuals like war veterans with very bad Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and after just very brief EFT treatments, their condition improved dramatically. These cases are documented and I suggest you look them up at in the research section.
Also, on the same website, you can find footage of these vets, if you click on the video called "EFT for war veterans." You can actually see their improvement for yourself.
This is a science and can be backed up by the most important thing of all---concrete results.

Q: You say that it's possible to have stubborn pain fade away in a matter of minutes. That sounds like you are doing some kind of weird, supernatural stuff. Is that what is going on?

A: No. I am using the healing technology that was discovered 5,000 years ago in China when the meridian system was discovered and its link to wellness was recognized.

Q: You help people with emotional issues and even heal physical maladies - are you a licensed mental health practitioner or a physician?

A: No, I am neither a licensed therapist nor physician. I am a certified EFT practitioner/Life Coach. While the information and EFT coaching I provide is intended to inform, educate and inspire you on your personal journey towards optimal wellness. It is clearly not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice or diagnosis.

Q: You have emphasized how EFT can help with all these negative things, but can what you do help me with positive things like career success, romance and achievement?

A: Absolutely. A very significant part of the official EFT training is called "The Palace of Possibilities." This is Gary Craig's (EFT founder) version of how to tap into your deepest potential and making your dreams come true. It's a very comprehensive explanation of how our negative programming and conditioning can block us and keep us from succeeding in life and how, with EFT, we can clear away that limiting programming and successfully install new patterns of success and prosperity in all areas of our lives.
In my opinion, this system is more thorough than a lot of the popular material floating around that just speak of "positive thinking" or goal setting. The big difference is that I can help you address core issues and beliefs that keep holding you back. We can quickly clear these blocks away so you can be free of them once and for all and replace blocks with empowered habits and attitudes. Another way of saying it is rewiring your neurology to succeed.

Q: All this talk of clearing out my core issues and blocks to succeed sounds really complicated and like psycho babble. I think it's about just going for it and being positive, you are complicating this with a bunch of unnecessary nonsense.

A: Please allow me to explain things a little more then. If a person has blocks and is carrying around all kinds of issues of unworthiness, being inadequate, stupid, unlovable and a host of other common blocks most people are walking around with, how can they succeed if this programming is operating within them? For example, if a person is striving to have career success and is carrying around all these voices of inadequacy from things in the past, that negative programming will sabotage their efforts time and time again. Also, the pursuit of their goals will tend to be an intense struggle because they are fighting all those negative underlying issues over and over with very little peace underneath. The "just go for it" philosophy usually doesn't pan out too well, as long as the negative program is raging within.
The EFT philosophy is to make you a kind of "clear vessel". When your issues are cleared out, you can more easily focus on your goals and dreams and maintain positive focus without constant sabotage from your "dark side". Because you've cleared that out, when you focus on a goal or desire, your positive patterns are what are predominantly operating. The difference shows not only in the attainment of the goals more consistently, but also in enjoying the journey also. Life becomes more joyous and satisfying.

Q: How does the coaching you do relate to Law Of Attraction? I have read books like "The Secret" and I totally believe in Law Of Attraction. Is EFT and the work you do compatible with Law Of Attraction in any way at all?

A: The work I do definitely does work hand-in-hand with Law Of Attraction. One missing link to the popular Law Of Attraction teachings is the principle of effectively clearing out negative blocks. Especially all the negative writing on our mental "walls" that is deeply programmed within us.
With EFT, you can now release those dis-empowering blocks and more effectively align with your desires. When you can clear out the blocks, you can more effectively visualize and affirm positive outcomes without as much resistance.

Law Of Attraction functions on the Vibration one radiates based on the thoughts and emotions a person is giving off. If a person who is steeped in negative thoughts and issues has a very poor self image, feels unworthy, is carrying around insecurities and resentments, THAT is the Vibration a person is sending out. So, even if someone is affirming success, abundance, romance, etc. the TRUE Energy that is going out is insecurity, resentment and unworthiness. EFT and clearing out blocks helps you create a "blank canvas" so that you can then program your mind with the things you truly want. Can you see how your life can take on a whole new level of possibilities with this?

Q: What's the big deal with the tapping? I see videos all over You Tube on tapping. Why bother with doing sessions with a coach? Isn't it just tapping on a few, simple points on the body when you are stressed out? Can't I do it on my own just as well?

A: While You Tube EFT videos have helped spread the popularity of EFT, it has also made people think that all that is involved is following along with some simplified tapping videos, tapping while just doing positive affirmations or just going along with some generalized video. This is not accurate. Yes, some results might be obtained by self instruction, but there is a plateau to that.

EFT truly is a science, craft and art. It takes skill and talent to fascilitate an effective session of tapping.
One tricky thing is uncovering your core issues and beliefs. That is not usually something a person can do alone.

Your specific issues cannot be addressed in a cookie-cutter fashion. You have your own particular blocks that you are carrying around that need to be addressed. Also, most people are not prepared to completely face all their deepest blocks, fears, doubts and the areas where they may feel inadequate. Some outside assistance in these matters is important. You are talking about your life and your wellness. Everything springs from our states of consciousness - would you really want to shortchange yourself on that by trying to just work on this by yourself?

Q: I tried some EFT on myself with some You Tube videos and while I did feel a little lighter overall, I was not that impressed with it. My problems were still pretty much there. If EFT is so great, why didn't I get very noticeable results when I tried it?

A: You did not even come close to truly applying EFT in a thorough way. I constantly see forums or come across people saying they have tried EFT from videos and that it's not all that great. The people that say that are very misguided. All they did was do a general tapping video or try tapping on their own while not really knowing what they are doing. If that is all you did, you have not truly tried EFT---not even close.

Yes, the tapping points are very easy to learn. A child can learn them, but actually knowing how to steer the tapping, knowing what to tap on can be a little bit of a slippery road. That takes skill. Do you think that those of us that are certified practitioners are just having you tap in a general way with some positive affirmations thrown in? No, we are doing our best to uncover what your specific blocks are to help you release them and bring you empowerment. This is a bit beyond the scope of someone barely learning the EFT basics and just trying to self-treat.


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