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These sessions are designed to get you very measurable improvement in the area you want to address using EFT. I will thoroughly work with you to help you make those shifts you are seeking. You can expect to begin making transformations within minutes into our first session. My priority is to launch you right into the work to have you experiencing improvement immediately.

Sessions by phone are also highly effective. A lot of the most well respected EFT practitioners do upwards of 90% of their sessions via telephone without compromising quality. So, please note that you do not need to commute to me if that is more convenient for you.

Free 30 minute intro session. Right now, I am offering a free 30 minute session (by phone or in person) to give you a taste of what a session is like. I will work with you during this free intro session and give you a taste of how this works. This will be a real session, with EFT to get you results, not a sales pitch session of any kind. It's always on honor to help someone heal, whether they sign on or not. Most experience concrete improvements even in these free sessions.

818-800-7419 --Pacific Standard time

In person or on the phone, EFT session rates are:
-$120.00 for 90 minutes

-$85.00 for 60 minutes

-$300.00 for three 90 minute sessions DISCOUNTED RATE

If working for the first time, I encourage you to do a 90 minute session to get a good, thorough start. When you contact me, I will give you my instructions on how you can get the most out of the sessions.I care very much about helping you make swift progress from the start.

Details on the sessions:

These sessions are not completely confined to only Tapping work. Of course that is the main modality worked with, especially for clearing issues out or healing work, however as a Certified EFT practitioner, I am trained in more than only the tapping, I also do positive mental re-patterning work with you in the area of helping you create the life you desire.
It is common for me to have you envision things while working with me, create new empowering beliefs or do a variety of effective techniques in the area of success coaching, if that is what is needed.

These sessions take on a deeper dimension where not only EFT is done, but deep Transformational work is taking place beyond just the issues we are addressing.

818-800-7419 --Pacific Standard time.


In some cases, I offer Guaranteed Results Sessions. These are sessions where the client and I agree on a fee for resolving a specific issue. The client ONLY pays after the result is attained, therefore, the client has zero risk. Get results or pay nothing. No questions asked.

Group Rate Coaching

I am also available to work with groups or businesses. This work incorporates:

stress relief work/goal achievement/relationship improvement/personal blocks and much, much more.

This work is very powerful because it goes deep into each individual's personal blocks. This is not some kind of canned, cookie cutter approach, but instead is very tailor-made to each individual involved, in order to free them of their limitations.



My name is Brian Guzman and I am a Certified EFT Practitioner (Cert-I) and Life Coach. My goal is to bring personal performance tools to the attention of others.

My goals are to give you the tools to live a happy and successful life. In this session you will learn new ways to take control of your life. You will see and experience first hand how these tools will improve your life.

I have studied many forms of alternative healing and have the knowledge of how the mind and body work. The techniques covered in this course/session have been highly successful and used by many.

I am not a psychologist, dietician, medical doctor or a therapist and have no licensing to formal training in these fields.


I am required to take complete responsibility for my emotional and or physical well being both during and after taking this course/session.

I will instruct others whom I help with these techniques to take complete responsibility for their emotional and /or physical well-being.

I will use these techniques under the supervision of a qualified therapist or physician.

I will not use these techniques to try to solve a problem where your common sense would tell you it is not appropriate.

I agree to hold Brian Guzman harmless and and/or EFT founder Gary Craig from any claims made by anyone whom I seek to help. Subject to the other provisions of this agreement. I may use any of the techniques on behalf of yourself or others.

I understand that Brian Guzman and/or EFT founder Gary Craig will not take responsibility for what I do with these techniques.

Use of this website, information and / or any services described herein shall
constitute an acceptance of and stipulation to this disclaimer.

"EFT is a very flexible improvement tool that can be used for just about everything. I am using my version of it here and have had extraordinary results and urge you to contact me/us for more. The original version and complete training can be found at"